Time to Say Goodbye

As if puberty weren't stressful enough, 12-year-old Simon (Maximilian Ehrenreich) has to deal with his parents, who are separated. He alternates living with his strictly religious father Frank (Florian Stetter) and his liberal mother Hannah (Lavinia Wilson), who writes erotic women's literature. The two have plenty of noisy disagreements, not only whether or not their son is to be circumcised before his bar mitzvah. When beautiful rabbi Rebecca (Catherine De Léan) starts working for the Hamburg community, Simon gets a terrible crush on her, although she is, unfortunately, 20 years his senior. But his father also has designs on her. Simon and his two best friends concoct a plan. Torn between tradition and rebellion, rituals and a desire for freedom, and the exciting tribulations of his first love, Simon tries to find his own way. A charming, turbulent family comedy full of absurd scenes poking fun—with a loving eye and without a false sense of shame—at teenage boys and their hormones as well as everyday life in a Jewish community.

Saturday, 11. June 19:00 Filmmuseum Potsdam
Sunday, 12. June 17:00 Capitol Das Kulturkino Tickets
Monday, 13. June 19:30 Brandenburger Theater Tickets
Tuesday, 14. June 20:00 Filmkunst 66 Tickets

Feature film
Director: Viviane Andereggen, D 2015, 81 min., German with English subtitles