Film submission 2019

Please fill out the form completely.

Please not that we cannot include films without a fully completed submission form.

Submit the completed form online no later than 15 May 2019.
If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail:

Films from Israel and films that are not in English or German must have English subtitles.

Films must have jewish content and have been completed in the last 2 years. Thank-you very much for your interest in our Festival!

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Information about the film:

For Israeli films, please write the film title in Hebrew and Latin letters.

Applicant's contact details:

Film crew and cast:


If the film is screened at our festival in 2019, will it be the following premiere:

If yes, which company?

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Requirements; Terms & Conditions

Submissions of films with a Jewish topic from every genre are welcome, including animations, documentaries, dramas, experimental films, feature films, and short films. If the original language of dialogue in the film is not German or English, the preview and screening copies must be subtitled in German or English.
If a film has already been screened at a film festival in Germany or another country, that does not automatically exclude it from our festival. However, German premieres and Berlin premieres will be given preference.
Films that have been on general release in Germany prior to the festival cannot be accepted for the festival.
Preference will be given to new productions.
Every person submitting a film to our festival (i.e., every applicant) certifies that he/she has the legal right to submit and exhibit that film.
The applicant is responsible and liable for any breach of rights or of the law that may occur in the process of submission and exhibition.
Please note that our festival does not accept resubmissions.

Preview copies will be accepted only as DVDs (PAL preferred) or vimeo link to
PLEASE WRITE: VIMEO LINK and name of film in the email reference.

Our festival will keep all preview copies in its archive and cannot return them.
Applicants must ensure that DVDs are clearly labelled with the following information:

  • film title
  • full name of director
  • year of production
  • country of production.

The applicant is responsible for the costs of shipping the preview copy. Please send Preview DVD to:

Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin & Brandenburg

c/o Mail Boxes etc,
Sybelstr. 9
10629 Berlin

The films selected will be shown up to three times during our festival. Applicants whose films have been selected for our festival will be informed about this by e-mail in early May 2019. Because of the large number of submissions, we can only inform applicants whose films have been selected.
Our program committee is unfortunately not in a position to enter into dialogue about decisions regarding individual films. Thank you for your understanding.
By submitting a film to our festival, the applicant grants us the right to publish and transmit portions of the film as well as film stills for the purpose of press or promotion, unless otherwise noted.
If your film receives an invitation to our festival, please e-mail us the press pack (in German or English), electronic images of your film as well as a photo of the director (these must be sent in JPG or TIFF format, 300 dpi) as well as a link to the film trailer to:
The screening copies of the films selected must be received by us at the latest three weeks prior to the beginning of the festival, at the latest 1 August 2019.
We will return the screening copies within two weeks following the end of the festival. The applicant is responsible for the cost of shipping the screening copies to the festival. We are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to the applicant.
Please provide return mailing address by 1 September 2019.
The preview copy can be sent by airmail or international courier.
The screening copy must be sent by international courier. Label the package as follows:
“No commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.
If you do not have previous experience with film shipments, please contact us prior to sending. Shipments held up by customs authorities due to improper labelling will be sent back at the applicants cost.

Shipping a film copy to the festival and back is at the risk of the applicant. During the festival, the film is insured up to the value of the copy. Accordingly, we are liable at most for the costs of producing a standard copy (market rate). Any damages must be claimed no later than 10 days following the return of the copies. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

By completing and sending us this online submission form, you confirm that you have read and excepted our terms and conditions.