Newsletter 03.2017

Newsletter 03/2017 We congratulate Reinhold Robbe, member of our Advisory Board, past President of the German-Israeli Association (DIG), and longstanding SPD member of the Bundestag, on being awarded the Heinz Galinski Prize this year. We would like to express our special thanks for his generous gesture of donating a part of his prize money to the Jewish Film Festival.  Newsletter

Newsletter 03.2017

Newsletter 03/2017 Wir gratulieren unserem Beiratsmitglied Reinhold Robbe, ehemaliger Präsident der Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft (DIG) und langjähriger SPD-Bundestagsabgeordneter, zur Auszeichnung mit dem diesjährigen Heinz-Galinski-Preis. Für seine großzügige Geste, einen Teil seines Preisgeldes an das Jüdische Filmfestival zu spenden, möchten wir unseren ganz besonderen Dank aussprechen.  Zum Newsletter

Oscar for Son of Saul

CONGRATULATIONS to "Son of Saul" for the 2016 OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film. "Despite the myriad of abuses Saul is subjected to, he remains steadfast in his goal to bury the boy he believes to be his son; an apt metaphor for the nearly impossible task of remaining hopeful and willing to stay alive during a time when hope was nowhere to be found for so many".  Cine-File Chicago: Kyle Cubr

The Eichmann Show

THE EICHMANN SHOW screened in Munich on January 28th at a special screening for International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the IKG Munich. Special Thanks to the President of the Jewish Community Munich Charlotte Knobloch and the films producers for making this possible.


SON OF SAUL. The Friends of the JFBB joined the Claims Conference for a private screening of "Son of Saul" in the Delphi Cinema in Berlin on January 26th. We were privileged to meet the leading actor Geza Röhig and after this extremely moving film.

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