About the JFBB

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg has been the largest forum for Jewish and Israeli cinema in Germany for more than two decades, making it the oldest and most important cultural event of its kind and a vital part of the diverse Jewish life of Berlin and Brandenburg.

The JFBB features cinematic investigations of the many facets of Jewish life and its constant transformation, in Germany, Israel, Europe, and the rest of the world. We present the entire range of current cinema—from sophisticated independent and arthouse films to documentaries to essayistic and experimental work. Discovering and promoting young filmmakers in Germany and Israel is an important part of our work. In the series of Israeli films, we showcase stories about people and their everyday lives beyond the images and clichés from the media: differentiated perspectives on a country that are as diverse and contradictory as Israel itself.

The Jewish Film Festival is both a window into and a mirror of Jewish life worldwide, providing viewers opportunities to gain insights into the world of Jewry and Judaism. In our programming, we take up socially relevant current events, initiating and accompanying cultural and educational processes, and we do not shy away from critical topics.

We rely not only on close exchange with festivals in Israel and the US when selecting films, but also on direct and often longstanding contact with the filmmakers to ensure the program's consistently high level.

In short: the JFBB shows films for the mind, the heart, and the palate: moving and funny, short and long, inspiring and thrilling, entertaining and thought-provoking, personal and political.




Norman Issa, star of the Israeli TV series “Arab Labor” in Berlin attending our festival in 2013 ©Foto: JFFB 2013