Festival Director 2016

It is only thanks to the spirited intervention of numerous supporters that the Jewish Film Festival can take place at all this year –

when 50 % of the festival's funding was cut without warning early this year, the JFBB's very existence was threatened just four months before it was scheduled to open At the time, Prof. Frank Stern wrote in the Jüdische Allgemeine:

“In the absence of the Jewish film festivals, German film would largely remain a boring long-term impact of the 'Aryanization' of film culture. More than 2,000 Jewish filmmakers were forced into exile or murdered after 1933. To this day, German film has not recovered from this annihilation of culture.”

Thus, the Jewish Film Festival has not only been providing a platform for worldwide Jewish filmmaking for 22 years, but is an expression of the responsibility of society and cultural policy to revitalize Jewish culture and fill the gap torn open by the systematic annihilation of Jewish culture. In this sense, support for the Jewish Film Festival is always also a way to take a stand in relation to Jewish life in Germany, and there is no alternative in light of the growing numbers of anti-Semitic attacks and the increase in nationalistic sentiment.

We are pleased to present the best from the world of Israeli and Jewish independent film again this year, directly from the most renowned international film festivals.

See for yourself! We look forward to seeing you!


Nicola Galliner, Festival Director JFBB 2016