Documentary films JFBB 2018

Documentary, Berlin premiere, Director: Ruth Zylberman, France 2017, 103 min, French with English subtitles | The walls of this building can speak. They recount the fate of the Jewish and non-Jewish residents of a typical Paris apartment building during the time of the occupation.

Sunday, 01. July 21:15

Documentary, Director: Alexandra Dean, USA 2017, 89 min, English with German subtitles | How the most beautiful woman in the world laid the groundwork for WiFi technology in order to beat the Nazis. | Deutschlandpremiere im Filmmuseum Potsdam am 30.6. und Berliner Premiere am 3.7. im Filmkunst 66

Saturday, 30. June 18:00

Introduction: Prof. Frank Stern

Sunday, 01. July 20:00
Tuesday, 03. July 20:00

Introduction: Prof. Frank Stern

Documentary, German premiere, Director: Jānis Putniņš, Latvia 2016, 55 min, Latvian with English subtitles | Vorfilm DIE SCHALEKS In Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Kulturforum östliches Europa | Einführung: Gudrun Holz

Wednesday, 27. June 20:00

Documentary/mockumentary, Director: Dāvis Sīmanis, Latvia 2014, 70 min, Latvian with English subtitles | A fusion of documentary essay and mockumentary that simultaneously pays tribute to historical cinematic art and the protagonists Sergei Eisenstein and Isaiah Berlin. | Guest: Director Dāvis Sīmanis in the discussion with Gudrun Holz

Friday, 29. June 20:00

Experimental documentary, world premiere, Director: Roger Deutsch, Hungary/USA/Slovakia 2018, 30 min, English | Roger Deutsch tracking down a family secret. | Guest: Director Roger Deutsch in the discussion with Petra Palmer

Wednesday, 27. June 21:15

Documentary, German premiere, Directors: Anthea Kennedy, Ian Wiblin, United Kingdom 2018, 83 min, original English version | What does it mean to lose everything and have to flee? The story of a Jewish family in Berlin whose existence was annihilated by the Nazis is unique and current at the same time. | Introduction: Prof. Gertrud Koch (FU Berlin)

Saturday, 30. June 19:00

Documentary, European premiere, Director: Rana Abu Fraiha, Israel 2017, 70 min, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles | Guest: Director Rana Abu Fraiha in the discussion with Gitta Connemann (MdB) | Presentation: Shelly Kupferberg. In cooperation with Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft

Wednesday, 27. June 19:00
Rana Abu Fraiha

Documentary, European premiere, Director: Alison Chernick, Israel/US 2017, 82 min, English with German subtitles | A portrait of violinist extraordinaire Itzhak Perlman, who laughs, cries, and prays with his violin. | In in the presence of Alison Chernick

Tuesday, 26. June 19:30
Gala with guests

Short documentary, German premiere, Director: Kahane Cooperman, USA 2016, 24 min, original English version | The film will be screened in cooperation with the American Film Showcase, a partnership between the State Department and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. ( In Kooperation mit der amerikanischen Botschaft. | Begrüßung: Tamara Sternberg-Greller von der Amerikanischen Botschaft

Monday, 02. July 20:00

Documentary, Berlin premiere, Director: Eliav Lilti, Production: Arik Bernstein, Israel 2017, 87 min, Hebrew with English subtitles | In Anwesenheit des Außenministers Heiko Maas. Zu Gast: Rafi Kishon und Arik Bernstein (Creator & Produzent) im Gespräch mit Eldad Beck. | Tickets just with PREREGISTRATION with Name, Date & Place of birth at

Thursday, 28. June 18:30

Documentary, Directors: Anat Zeltser, Modi Bar-On, Israel 2017, 60 min, Hebrew with German subtitles | To understand what makes people tick, look at their children's books. | Guest: Director Anat Zeltser in the discussion with Sophie Albers Ben Chamo

Monday, 02. July 20:00

Documentary, Berlin premiere, Director: Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov, Latvia 2016, 63 min, Russian, Hebrew, English with English subtitles | A group of 16 young people planned to flee from Leningrad to Sweden in 1970, disguised as a wedding party. | Guest: Director Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov in the discussion with Sergey Lagodinsky (Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung) and Gudrun Holz

Thursday, 28. June 20:00

Documentary, Director: Fiona Murphy, United Kingdom/Iraq/Israel 2016, 72 min, original English version | The last Jews of Iraq tell the virtually unknown story of their homeland. | Guest: Edwin Shuker in the discussion with Sophie Albers Ben Chamo

Sunday, 01. July 19:00

Documentary, Director: Paula Weiman-Kelman, Israel 1999, 61 min., original English version | Ein Wiedersehen mit Alice Shalvi zum 91. Geburtstag: Eine Frau wie eine Naturgewalt, voller Inspiration und Wärme. | Zu Gast: Alice Shalvi im Gespräch mit Rabbinerin Gesa Ederberg und Bettina Jarasch (Mitglied des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin, Sprecherin für Integration und Flucht, Sprecherin für Religionspolitik)

Monday, 02. July 19:00

Documentary, Director: Ferne Pearlstein, USA 2017, 90 min, English with German subtitles | Is it okay to laugh about the Shoah? Or Hitler? Comedy heavyweights from Mel Brooks to Larry Charles to Sarah Silverman think out loud and fairly conclusively about these questions.

Brief news episodes were produced for the Radical Jewish Cultural Daysin Berlin in autumn 2017.

Zu Gast: Regisseurin Ferne Pearlstein (THE LAST LAUGH), Max Czollek (Drehbuch JEWS NEWS TODAY), Moritz Richard Schmidt (Regisseur JEWS NEWS TODAY) im Gespräch mit Shelly Kupferberg

Saturday, 30. June 21:15

Documentary, German premiere, Director: Ran Tal, Israel 2017, 72 min, ebrew, English, Yiddish, Arabic with English subtitles | Ran Tal explores the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and its visitors from close up and from a distance and presents the museum as a place where the most varied perceptions meet.

Thursday, 05. July 19:00

Documentary, German premiere, Director: Nirit Ben-Joseph, Germany 2018, 55 min., German, English, Hebrew with English subtitles | By chance, Israeli tour guide Nirit Ben-Joseph encounters a distant relative in Berlin, beginning a journey into her unknown family history. | Guest: Director Nirit Ben-Joseph in the discussion with Petra Palmer

Wednesday, 27. June 21:15