Feature films and TV Series 2017

Feature film, German premiere 2 July, Director: Radu Radu Mihăileanu, F/CAN/RO/USA 2016, 134 min, engl. with german subtitles | A boy, a girl, and a big promise that stands the test of time: Radu Mihaileanu's masterful screen adaptation of the bestseller by Nicole Krauss is a homage to the magic of literature and the power of love, moving the heart and the mind.

Feature film, HU 2017, Director: Ferenc Török, 91min, HUNGARIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | The arrival of two Orthodox Jews in August 1945 upsets wedding preparations in a Hungarian village. Suddenly, fear blankets the community: many people were involved in the crimes of the previous years through betrayal, silence, and hard-hearted theft. What seemed to be repressed and almost forgotten comes to the surface with a vengeance. A heart-stopping drama about guilt and atonement.

In cooperation with Deutsches KULTURFORUM östliches Europa

Feature film, Director: Robert Siodmak, Germany 1930, 72min, in German

Einführung: Prof. Frank Stern (Kultur- und Filmwissenschaftler)

Feature film, IL 1986, Director: Rafi Bukai, 84min, HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | Newly restored digital copy of this classic Israeli film. The Sinai, 1967, near the end of the Six-Day War. This surreal antiwar film focuses on two retreating Egyptian soldiers who get caught between the two camps.

Feature film, German premiere, Director: Eran Kolirin, IL 2016, 92 min, HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | With laconic humor and quiet rage, director Eran Kolirin dissects the desparate attempts of this dysfunctional family to be decent people in a divided society that does not reward good behavior.

Guest: Eran Kolirin, Presentation: Isaac Zablocki (JCC Manhattan, New York)

Feature film, D: Siegfried Kühn, GDR 1988, 88min, german | Main actress Corinna Harfouch

Feature film, Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, UK 1947, 102min, in German

Feature film, Director: Gerhard Lamprecht, Germany 1931, 72min, in German

Einführung: Sachiko Schmidt, Leiter der Programmgestaltung im Filmmuseum Potsdam

Feature film, Director: Avi Nesher, IL 2016, 109 min, HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | Based on a true story, Avi Nesher recounts two dissimilar sisters' search for their father's dark past—both a moving family drama and a highly suspenseful thriller.

Feature film, German premiere, Director: Maha Haj, IL 2016, 90 min, ARABIC WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | This tragicomedy tells the story of three generations of a Palestinian family and their divergent lives across boundaries in wonderfully absurd episodes, with very dry humor and quiet melancholy. Going beyond the images and clichés from the media, it shows en passant how Palestinians live in Israel.

Presentation: Sophie Albers Ben Chamo (Cultural journalist)

Feature film, Director: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, UK 1943,163min, IN ENGLISH WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES

Einführung: Prof. Frank Stern (Kultur- und Filmwissenschaftler)

Feature film, German premiere, Director: Rama Burshtein, IL 2016, 110 min, HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | In this romantic comedy by Rama Burshtein ("Fill the Void"), 32-year-old Michal struggles with the balancing act between her individual happiness in love and the unbending rules of Orthodoxy.

Presentation: Prof. Frank Stern (Cultural- and film scientist)

Feature film, Director: Jacob Berger, CH 2016, 72min, FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | Unsettling feature film about the true 1942 murder of a Jew from Bern in French-speaking Switzerland by local Nazis.

Gäste: Dr. Naomi Lubrich (Direktorin Jüdisches Museum der Schweiz) im Gespräch mit Amelie Fried