Festival Grußworte


Dr. Dietmar Woidke
Prime Minister, Brandenburg

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg is celebrating a very special anniversary this year: it is taking place for the 25th time. I extend my warmest congratulations on behalf of a large number of fans! Jewish films are so popular for good reason. They provide insights into a world that enrich Berlin and Brandenburg! Jewish film is up to date, historical, opinionated, ironic, funny, but also tragic, and features strong characters. The films tell stories about life in Israel and elsewhere in authentic ways, directing attention beyond everyday news events. I wish you a wonderful 25th festival!

It is impossible to picture the cultural life of our region without the Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg (JFBB). What began in 1995 with a few films has become a vital cultural event. Countless people eagerly await this cinematic highlight every year because the JFBB succeeds time and again in casting a spotlight on the great variety of Jewish and Israeli film. Motion pictures of all genres break with stereotypes as they give audiences insights into times past and present and into the wealth and diversity of Jewish culture and Jewish life. Thus the Jewish Film Festival is not only an expression of exceptional cinematic art, but has also been making an important contribution toward fighting prejudice and antisemitism for a quarter century.

Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin

The Jewish Film Festival has been making its contribution to building bridges for 25 years with films noisy and quiet, long and short, troublesome and funny: the films and series show the diversity of Jewish life around the world and open up new perspectives. They can be political, intervene in debates, and stand up to antisemitism. The JFBB also welcomes critical films; this stance has to be defended time and again against being appropriated politically, also in Israel. Many films screened at the JFBB are seismographs for the state of Israeli society. Many thanks to Nicola Galliner and the JFBB; mazel tov for the next 25 years! May you continue to have so much vitality and energy, ensuring the festival’s place in the festival calendar in the future. We are eager to see which way the needle on the cinematic seismograph will move.

Kirsten Niehuus, Managing Director, Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission

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