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AUTONOMIES takes up a current topic in its dystopian vision of the future and tells a modern variant of the legend of Solomon and the children who were switched at birth, which rattles the fragile peace between two fictitious Jewish states.

209 min. |

Director: Yehonatan Indursky Israel 2018, series, XXX premiere, 209 min., Hebrew with English subtitles Production: United Studios of Israel in collaboration with AVI CHAI Foundation supported by the GESHER Multicultural Film Fund and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Israel International distribution: Menemesha Films, USA Screenplay: Yehonatan Indursky & Ori Elon Cinematography: Yaniv Linton, Amit Yasur Cast: Assi Cohen, Danielle Kertesz, Shuli Rand, Nir Di-Nur, Tali Sharon

Following a civil war, Israel is divided into two countries – a secular Israeli state whose capital is Tel Aviv and an ultra-Orthodox state, the Haredi Autonomy with Jerusalem as its capital. Illegal trade flourishes between the two states even though they are separated by a wall. One day, Broide, an ultra-Orthodox undertaker and a wheeler and dealer, is asked to do an unusual job: he is to abduct a child that was switched at birth. Broide begins a fateful battle against his convictions; his personal future is on the line too. A dystopian drama about identity, religion, politics, and above all, personal freedom.

Yehonatan Indursky: PONEVEZH TIME (IL 2012), THE CANTOR AND THE SEA (IL 2015), SHTISEL (IL 2013-2016, series), THE DRIVER (IL 2017), AUTONOMIES (IL 2018, series) Ori Elon (screenplays): SRUGIM (IL 2008-2012, series), SHTISEL (IL 2013-2016, series), AUTONOMIES (IL 2018), THE CONDUCTOR (IL 2018, series)

After SHTISEL, AUTONOMIES is the second series developed jointly by Yehonatan Indursky and Ori Elon. The fact that Yehonatan Indursky grew up in an ultra-Orthodox family and attended a yeshiva and that Ori Elon was also close to his ultra-Orthodox family is apparent in their compelling approach to the material. Indursky’s previous film THE DRIVER was screened at the JFBB in 2018.



Filmkunst 66

Introduction: Frank Stern (Wien)

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