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An authentic, moving drama about a Jewish family in Ethiopia that wants to flee the civil war to Israel and a young girl who tries everything to rescue her sweetheart.

93 min. |

Director: Aäläm-Wärque Davidian Israel/France/Ethiopia/Germany 2019, feature film, XXX premiere, 93 min., Amharic, Hebrew with English subtitles Producer: Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari, Felix Eisele, Sandrine Brauer International distribution: Films Boutique, Germany Cinematography: Daniel Miller Cast: Betalehem Asmamawe, Yohanes Muse, Weyenshiet Belachew, Mitiku Haylu

Ethiopia, 1989. 16-year-old Mina, (Betalehem Asmamawe) spends her most cherished moments alone with her sweetheart Eli (Yohanes Muse) under a fig tree outside Addis Abeba. Her grandmother hopes to flee the civil war and follow Mina’s mother to Israel as soon as possible. Yet Mina does not want to leave Eli behind. As a Christian, he will have to serve in the military, which means certain death. Mina does everything she can to enable him and his mother to leave the country with them. FIG TREE is based on filmmaker Aäläm-Wärque Davidian’s childhood memories. It is her debut full-length feature film. Her moving and authentic drama gives viewers a glimpse of a practically unknown world.

Toronto International Film Festival, 2018, Kanada (Audentia Award)

Aäläm-Wärque Davidian was born in Ethiopia and emigrated to Israel with her family in 1991, when she was 11. She studied at the Sam Spiegel School for Film and Television. She directed the shorts FACING THE WALL and TRANSITIONS (both 2016), among others. The world premiere of her debut full-length feature film FIG TREE was at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Davidian received the Audentia Award.




Guests: Petra Palmer talks with Aäläm-Wärque Davidian (Israel)

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