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Enchanting tragicomedy about three Palestinian women sharing an apartment in Tel Aviv and coping with their turbulent lives between tradition and liberty.

103 min. |

Director: Maysaloun Hamoud Israel/France 2016, feature film, 103 min., Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles Production: Shlomi Elkabetz, Sandrine Brauer International distribution: Films Boutique, Deutschland Cinematography: Itay Gross Cast: Mouna Hawa, Sana Jammelieh, Shaden Kanboura

Three young Arabic women – Leila, Nour, and Salma – share an apartment in Tel Aviv, where they navigate their turbulent lives between the rigid notions of their Muslim milieu, the inequality in Israeli society, and their own drive for liberty and self-realization. Leila is from a secular family in Nazareth and works as a criminal defense lawyer, Nour is a devout Muslim and is studying computer science, and Salma is a DJ; the secret she keeps from her Christian middle-class parents is that she is a lesbian. Each in her own way, the three friends explore their identity, sexuality, and place in life. Nuanced and with excellent acting, this portrait of three enchanting women is one of the outstanding Israeli films of recent years, a must see!

Toronto Film Festival 2016 (Netpac Award); San Sebastian International Film Festival 2016 (Eroski Youth Award, Premio Sebastiane Award, TVE Another Look Award); Haifa Film Fetival (Audience Award, Dany Lehrer Award, The Fedeora Award); Zagreb Film Festival (Hat Audience Award); Göteborg Film Festival2017; New Horizons Film Festival Woclaw 2017

Palestinian filmmaker Maysaloun Hamoud grew up in Hungary and Israel. She studied Near Eastern Studies in Jerusalem and film at the Minshar School of Art in Tel Aviv. SENSE OF MORNING (2010) is one of her short films. The world premiere of her debut full-length feature film IN BETWEEN was in Toronto. The film received awards at numerous international film festivals and 12 nominations for the Israeli Film Prize Ophir. Muslims also targeted Hamoud with a fatwa.



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