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mRs mEiTLemeIHr

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What if ... Hitler had survived the Second World War ...

30 min. |

Director: Graham Rose GBR 2002,English Production: Rose Hackney Barber Screenplay: Jeff Rawle, Graham Rose Cinematography: Clive Tickner Editing: Simon Wilcox Music: Danny Schogger Cast:Udo Kier, John Levitt, Hendrik Arns

In mRs mEiTLemeIHr, Graham Rose wonders what would have happened if Hitler had not died in Berlin at the end of the Second World War, but had been smuggled to England when the war was over and had found shelter in a rundown flat in London’s East End. Graham Rose was one of the most sought-after directors in advertising. His provocative first feature film mRs mEiTLemeIHr featuring Udo Kier and John Levitt is full of dark British humor. The JFBB is screening the film again at the launch of the publication “Celebration! 25 Years: Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg.”

Graham Rose won more than 100 international awards, not least from Cannes and Venice, for his advertising films. In 1981, he founded Rose Hackney Productions with John Hackney; they worked for agencies around the world. Graham Rose died suddenly in 2017 after a long illness.



DELPHI LUX Book Launch

The event is in English language. Buchvorstellung Celebration - 25 Jahre Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin & Brandenburg Book Lauch Celebration – 25 Years Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg Panel discussion mit den Gästen: Frank Stern (Wien), Jim Hobermann (New York), Eva Lezzi, Hannah Brown (Jerusalem), Shelly Kupferberg

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