Films THE OPTIMISTS (האופטימיים)

THE OPTIMISTS (האופטימיים)

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Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava Desert in southern Israel trusts in alternative energy and is the seat of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. Its director is Palestinian Israeli Dr. Tariq Abu Hammad. A documentary about living together and incorrigible optimists.

54 min. |

Director: Eliezer Yaari IL 2018, documentary, premiere ??, 54 min., Hebrew with English subtitles Cinematography: Ronen Mayo & Asher Ben Yair Music: Shay Alon Editing: Hilla Haramati Producer: Irit Ambar, Ambar Productions Ltd.

Palestinian Israeli Dr. Tariq Abu Hammad, a chemist, moved with his entire family from a village near Jerusalem to the small kibbutz Ketura, where he directs the Institute for Environmental Studies. Its students are from Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan. Its motto: nature knows no borders. Director and well-known Israeli TV journalist Eliezer Yaari also introduces the residents of the kibbutz who once came to Israel from The Netherlands, Russia, or the US. It was founded by pioneers from New York. The kibbutz has retained its socialist roots to this day; it is still economically successful and pays all residents the same wage of 1,500 shekels. They would like to fulfill their dream of making Israel more pluralistic, which would make Arabic settlements possible one day. Is that too optimistic?

The Other Israel Film Festival 2018, New York; The Jewish Film Festival of Jerusalem 2018

THE OPTIMISTS ist Eliezer Yaaris Regiedebüt.

Eliezer Yaari has been working for Israeli state television since 1978. He produced news shows and was anchor and producer of the two most important documentary programs on Israeli TV for many years. He is also the author of numerous books. THE OPTIMISTS is his first full-length documentary.



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