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A trip to the town where the director was born turns into a journey into the forgotten past of the town and the people who lived there.

89 min. |

Screenplay and director: Anna Konik Poland 2018, Polish with German subtitles Producer: Anna Konik Cinematography: Jędrzej Niestrój in collaboration with Anna Konik Editing: Agnieszka Kowalczyk, Anna Konik Music: Kamil Sajewicz

When her mother develops Alzheimer’s, director Anna Konik makes her way to Dobrodzień (Guttentag) in former Upper Silesia, where she was born. People of the most varied descents, cultures, and religions used to live together here – Jews, Germans, and Poles – at times even under a single roof. Many came from nearby areas, were stateless, and settled there; other families had always lived in the town. After the Second World War, all the Jews were gone. Anna Konik traces the stories of the town and the people, especially those who are forgotten and not spoken about, not only asking about collective memory, but also about collective forgetting

Kraków Film Festival 2018 FilmPolska 2018

Anna Konik is a visual artist who focuses mostly on video installations, objects, photography, drawing, and sculpture. She studied at the Art Academy in Warsaw and has received multiple artist scholarships. Her work has been exhibited in numerous individual and group shows. She obtained her doctorate at the Art Academy in Warsaw in 2012. She has lectured widely at universities and recently held the Rudolf Arnheim Visiting Professorship at the Department of Art and Visual History at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.



Filmkunst 66

In cooperation with Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa (DKF) Guests: Dr. Vera Schneider (DKF) talks with Anna Konik (Poland)

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