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Documentary filmmaker and activist Iris Zaki spends 4 weeks in Tekoa in the West Bank. She meets the most varied discussion partners after overcoming their initial distrust. A refreshing look at a different Israeli reality.

70 min. |

Director: Iris Zaki IL/UK 2018, documentary, Berlin premiere, 70 min., Hebrew with English subtitles Production: Nutz Production, Tel Aviv Producers: Iris Zaki, Osnat Saraga with support from Other Israel, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Pulitzer Center International distribution: go2films, Israel Screenplay: Iris Zaki, Oren Yaniv Cinematography: Or Azulay, Iris Zaki Editing: Oren Yaniv

Tekoa is a hip settlement in the West Bank with the most varied residents. Iris Zaki spends a month there and sets up an improvised television studio consisting of a table and two chairs beside a small shop. She invites the residents to talk to her there. As a leftist activist, she is first met with distrust, but as she stubbornly waits there day after day, people become curious, and a number of encounters come about. This small intervention becomes a social experiment providing a space for a rare and active exchange and for all the differences and contradictions.

Awards: Special Mention for Best Feature - SIMA Awards, US Bob Simon award for Best Film – Other Israel, US Shortlisted for One World Media, UK Nominated for Best Documentary – Israeli Documentary Forum; Festivals: BFI London Film Festival; CPH:DOX; New Horizons; Docaviv; Cinedoc Tbilisi; Dokufest Kosovo; Santa Barbara International; One World Romania; Ethnofest Greece; Astra, Romania; Other Israel, USA; Boston Jewish Film Festival; UK Jewish Film Festival; Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival; Tartu World Film Festival; Maine Jewish Film Festival; DOK.fest München; EDOC Ecuador; Washington Jewish Film Festival;


Iris Zaki is a documentary filmmaker and scholar. She narrates her documentary works from a first-person perspective to describe society. This technique, which she calls “the abandoned camera,” was the basis of her dissertation, which she completed at Royal Holloway, London. Her film WOMEN IN SINK (2016) was screened at more than 120 festivals and at universities and won 13 awards, including the coveted Grierson Award.



Hackesche Höfe Kino

Guests: Lihi Nagler talks with Iris Zaki (Israel)

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