Roger Deutsch tracking down a family secret.

Every family has the most peculiar secrets, but one can often only speculate about the reasons why. Roger Deutsch embarks on an experimental journey into his family history, which began in Hunfalo, Hungary, in 1787, when Joseph II decreed that all the Jews in the Austrian Empire had to adopt German names. Deutsch unfolds an unusual family chronicle spanning more than 200 years and two continents using photographs, home videos, and archival footage, to which he adds a soundtrack and music. He shows that when the narrative of the past has to be rewritten, it changes perspectives on the present and on one's own life. (Petra Palmer)

Roger Deutsch made his name as a producer with the cult film BLANK GENERATION in the early 1980s. Besides producing short horror films, he directed his own films, including JEWS, which he compiled from his family's 16 and 35 mm films. In addition, he realized documentaries as well as numerous short films, for example the cycle PRELUDE, SUITE ANCIENNE, INTERMEZZO, SCHERZO, and RICERCARE. His films have been screened at festivals around the world.

FATHERS AND SONS (2018); UNTITLED (found film) (2018); THE DISAPPEARANCE (2016); THE BOY ON THE TRAIN (2016); SCHERZO (2014); SUITE ANCIENNE (2013); INTERMEZZO (2012); PRELUDE (2012); ROUND TRIP (2011); here and there (2008); ACT YOUR AGE (2008); FIRST LOVE (2007); SOME CALL IT HOME (2006); FLOWER SONGS (2006); DEAD PEOPLE (1983/2005); MARIO MAKES A MOVIE (2004); SANCTI SPIRITUS (2003); SUOR SORRISO (2002); THE VIEW FROM AVENUE A (1985); JEWS (1984)

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Guest: Director Roger Deutsch in the discussion with Petra Palmer


Hungary/USA/Slovakia 2018, experimental documentary, world premiere, 30 min., English

Director: Roger Deutsch

Cinematography/Editing: Roger Deutsch
Contact: Roger Deutsch Otto Films / roger@ottofilms.org