The film "Personal Affairs“ focuses on an elderly Arab couple in Nazareth, their pregnant daughter, libertine son, and a grandmother who is rapidly losing her mind. "A creation entirely made of love for humankind, fluid and funny, captivating and kind-hearted, a human tapestry, local, universal and contemporary,"

I wanted to give an answer to simple people like me, who have needs, who aren’t freedom fighters or heroes in the classical sense of the word but ordinary people with ordinary dreams, with strong passions who perhaps because of the difficulty of their lives, perhaps because of the occupation, and perhaps because they’re a very warm people – their passion to live becomes strong,” said Haj about her film „Personal Affairs“, which tells the story of a Palestinian family, part of which lives in Nazareth and part in Ramallah.

Haj – who in her film and her words stresses that it’s impossible to divide the Palestinian people and create barriers between those who live within the 1948 borders and those who live in the West Bank and Gaza or abroad – also sends a message to her people: “I would like my people to always choose life, instead of blowing itself up in anger,” she told Haaretz. “Life is very precious, and there’s an alternative.”…Haaretz comments : It would be a good thing if instead of panicking and strangling any attempt to present the Palestinian narrative, the Jewish audience were to listen to these voices, which tend to be swallowed up in political exchanges of blows, and learn something about the world and the desires of the men and women who live alongside it.

Sunday, 09. July 20:00 Thalia Programmkino Tickets

Presentation: Sophie Albers Ben Chamo (Cultural journalist)


Israel 2016, Feature film, German premiere

Director: Maha Haj