17-year-old Asher has a working-class background and wants to complete his schooling despite his father's disapproval. But his literature teacher supports him.

Who needs history and literature, asks Asher's father Milo, who works in construction. He soon needs surgery. His 17-year-old son Asher is to take his place in his small company during this time. But Asher, who has a quick temper, is preparing for his final exams. Rami, his literature teacher, supports him. Yet in the middle of exams, a tragedy occurs, and Rami disappears from Asher's life. Asher seems to lose his footing, for his father cannot help him. (Jörg Taszman)

Born in 1977, MATAN YAIR obtained degrees from Sam Spiegel Film & Television School and Tel Aviv University. He made two short films and a documentary, working a second job as a teacher to support his family financially. SCAFFOLDING is his first full-length feature film, and a very personal one at that. One of his former students plays the role of Asher.


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Israel/Poland 2017, feature film, German premiere, 93 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Director: Matan Yair

Production: Green Productions, Israel; Film Produkcja, Poland; United King Films, Israel
International distribution: Green Productions, Israel
Cinematography: Bartosz Bienek
Cast: Asher Lax, Ami Smolarchik, Yaacov Cohen, Keren Berger

Festivals/Awards (Selection): Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2017, Toronto Film International Festival 2017