SUMMER takes a behind-the-scenes look at a Hasidic summer camp. Director Mrs. Schoen makes sure the girls maintain their purity and prepares them for marriage. Above all, they are to remain desirable brides to increase their chances of marrying a good husband. Shani and Bayla find a forbidden book and discover something they weren't prepared for ... with consequences ... (Petra Palmer)

Pearl Gluck grew up in a Hasidic family in Brooklyn. After obtaining a Master of Fine Arts at City College of New York, she was involved in numerous documentary film projects and has made her own films with Palinka Productions, her own production company. She has been an Assistant Professor at Penn State University since 2014, teaching screenwriting, directing, and film production. Her films focus on gender, religion, and the most varied strata of society.

Filmography: WHERE IS JOEL BAUM? (2012); A LESSON IN LOVE (2011); DIVAN (2004)

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USA 2017, short feature film, German premiere, 18 min., original English version

Director: Pearl Gluck

Production and international distribution: Palinka Pictures, US
Cinematography: Lauretta Prevost
Cast: Juliet Brett, Emmy James, Thea McCartan

Festivals/Awards (Selection): Moscow Jewish Film Festival (2018), Washington Jewish Film Festival (2018), LGBT Film Festival Poland (2018), SAG/ AFTRA Short Film Festival (2018), New York Jewish Film Festival (2018), BIG APPLE Film Festival (2018)