Short films JFBB 2017

10 short films, German premiere 9.7., D/IL 2016, 150 min, HEBREW/ARABIC/GERMAN WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES | The young filmmakers want their documentaries to inspire others to change their social behavior, convey important values such as solidarity and inclusion, and celebrate those who would otherwise remain "out of place."

A One Two Films and Green Productions project
Gesher Multicultural Film Fund gefördert von: EU, MBB, EVZ, DIZF

Sunday, 09. July 18:00
with guests

Guests: Filmteams

Monday, 10. July 19:00

Short film, Director: Leonhard Hofmann, Germany 2016, 17min, GERMAN | A sensitive portrait of a young opera baritone from Tel Aviv who performs as a drag queen in Berlin, his adopted city.

Guest: Shlomi Wagner/Mazy Mazeltov (Protagonist)
Presentation: Thomas Abeltshauser

Short film, German premiere 3 July, Director: Lewis Rose, UK 2015, 16 min, ENGLISH | Yossi is a brilliant young butcher in London, but his boss at the kosher butcher's disapproves of his generosity toward the regular customers and fires him. When Yossi can't find another job with a Jewish butcher, he poses as a Muslim and starts working for a halal butcher. Of course, it doesn't take long to blow his cover...

Documentary short film, Director: Leon Spanier, D 2016, 10 min, ENGLISH WITH GERMAN SUBTITLES | According to Jewish tradition, the holy texts are written by hand on parchment using a quill. Kalman Delmoor is a 27-year-old American Jew who emigrated to Israel and is cultivating this culture in Jerusalem's Old City. A brief portrait of a young man seeking to combine tradition and modernity.

Thursday, 06. July 21:00